Select HR Service

Unburden your HR processes.

Our HR service offers full support throughout the entire recruiting process, all the way to hiring.

Starting with a realistic assessment of your requirements, together we carve out profile cornerstones and adapt them to the respective market conditions. In addition to professional competence, we place particular emphasis on the candidates’ fit with your company's values.

Subsequentially, our services stretch across the entire applicant management process:

  • Scheduling of interviews throughout the entire application process
  • Collecting of all relevant information about the candidate, such as job certificates, references and other details
  • Support throughout the entire process, such as briefing both parties before the interviews or setting up feedback meetings with all parties after the interviews 
  • Assistance also during the interviews - we are pleased to take part in the interviews themselves and are available at any time to advise and act as a sparring partner during the selection process
  • Communication of rejections to unsuitable candidates. We are pleased to give appropriate feedback to the non-selected candidates and inform them about your decision
  • Moderation of contract negotiations between you and the candidate in order to achieve the best result for both parties
  • Supporting your future employee in terminating his or her current employment contract and assisting you and the candidate even beyond the employment contract signing